Where employees make the difference

10 Roads Express is a company with a long and rich history. Our longevity and success can be attributed to one thing – our people. Our drivers, mechanics, and support staff built 10 Roads Express and remain its backbone today.

Their unwavering dedication and determination in providing timely delivery of the U.S. Mail and commercial products has strengthened our company since the beginning and will continue to take us into the future.

The group of companies that has consolidated into 10 Roads Express today traces their roots back to 1946. Over the past 74 years, each company that now makes up 10 Roads Express has grown out of a single-truck operation. Spread through various cities and towns across the United States, each of these pioneering companies bid on and received a publicly advertised contract from the United States Postal Service for scheduled truck delivery of U.S. Mail, leading them through exponential growth.

From these humble beginnings, the companies continued to grow by adding more USPS Highway Contract Routes and other dedicated commercial freight customers.

In December 1977, our ownership group acquired the first company and has steadily grown the organization over the last 43 years – while still maintaining the values we held to in the beginning.

10 Roads Express now operates from 36 terminals across the USA and has scheduled delivery points in 47 states. At each of our terminals, our dedicated drivers and mechanics operate and maintain our over 3,500 company-owned tractors and 5,000 company-owned trailers.

From the beginning, we understood that dependable, time-definite delivery is what our customers expect and deserve. Through our growth, we continue today to strive to exceed our customers’ and employees’ expectations.

The Journey of 10 Roads Express

Valuing employees and customers each step of the way

Our road to success and growth comes from humble beginnings

  • Our roots trace back to 1946.
  • Our people make the difference. Professional drivers, mechanics, and support staff remain our backbone today.
  • We operate in 36 terminals across 47 states.
  • Our team operates and maintains over 3,500 tractors and 5,000 trailers while exceeding customer expectations.

What drivers are saying about driving for 10 Roads Express